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Many people often ask us about Magaluf Weather: the weather in Magaluf – and generally the weather in Mallorca – is unpredictable. Anyway, it is one of the best climates in Europe and, maybe, in the world. It varies depending on the month of the year, but generally the temperature is appropriate to each particular period. Magaluf has the advantage of being in Mallorca and consequently it has a pleasant climate practically every day of the year. So, the temperatures are those of the characteristic Mediterranean climate.

In Spain there is a Mediterranean weather that basically is a temperate climate, characterised by mild winters and dry and warm summers. During the other seasons of the year, in October and in spring, both temperatures and rainfalls are very variable. Normally, Mallorca’s temperatures are high and rainfalls are quite low.

Magaluf beach views / magalufstripapt

Magaluf is one of Mallorca’s most visited places by young residents. Not just for the rich facilities or the nightlife offer, but also for its wonderful beaches and its lovely climate. The metrological forecast is usually repeated every year, at any time of the year in which you are.

Water temperature is also one of the issues our customers always ask about. There are many people who, in the hottest Island summers, start going to the beach in May and there even are some daring people who go in April. Considering the average temperature preferred by most people, the best month to go to the beach in Magaluf is June. When the water temperature is perfect for you, you can dive after sunbathing. If you like fresh water, you have to come in Magaluf in June. You can go to the beach in the morning, buy something to eat in the bars and restaurants of the coast and then getting ready to party in Magaluf. Does that sound good?

You can also go to the Beach Clubs of Magaluf and spend your day in pools and water slides, take something to drink, have a shower in the hotel and end the same way: going out to party in Magaluf. The night temperature is very good, so it is worth going out. You have to know that in Magaluf there is always something interesting to do, in every moment of the year. Of course, in our opinion, it is preferable to come there at summer to enjoy clubs and nightclubs, as they open during the peak seasons. That, usually, is between June and September.

Weather forecast Magaluf

In this article, here you are the average weather forecasting as well as the Magaluf temperature for any time of the year.

The weather in Magaluf is very enjoyable, both in May and in June. Many say these are the best months as for the climate. The average temperature is of 25 degrees maximum and of 12 minimum, with no rain and wind, generally. If you can’t stand the heat, you don’t like the sun and you want to enjoy the fantastic holiday Magaluf can offer you, your month is definitely June, also considering that Magaluf main nightclubs are already open and there are many people around.

The weather in Magaluf in June and in August is much hotter. It is certainly the best time of the year for those who want to sunbathe, go to the beach and enjoy pools and water parks. A 100% recommended period for an unforgettable holiday in Magaluf. The average temperature during the day in these two summer months is usually around 31 degrees during the day and 18 degrees minimum at night.

At this time of the year, normally it does not rain nor the wind blows.

At this time of the year Magaluf opens its doors to a lot of services. The water parks of Wester Water Park, of BH Mallorca Hotel and of Kathmandu Park are just opening. If you like strong emotions you cannot miss their slides. Real fun is guaranteed. In summer, hundreds of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir shops in the different areas of Magaluf open and prepare for the summertime season. If you want to go the beach, this is the best time to go since the temperature of water is perfect. If you have never been to Magaluf Beach, you cannot miss it. Magaluf Beach is one of the most popular white sand beaches on the Island. And, of course, if you are looking for party and nightclubs, the middle of the summer it’s surely the perfect time to come to Magaluf. Two of the most famous nightclubs of Mallorca and Spain are located in Magaluf: BCM Planet dance and STAGE by BCM at the BH Mallorca hotel. It’s important to know that these two nightclubs are at the TOP100 worldwide. BCM, in particular, has been ranked as the number 10 in the world, so it’s a stop that cannot be missed in your trip.

Vistas Playa de Magaluf

Vistas Playa de Magaluf

The weather in Magaluf in September, October and November (Autumn) is characterized by a gradual and slow decline of temperatures as the weeks pass. Many people who live in Magaluf consider these months as the most enjoyable from the climatic point of view. The rainfalls are infrequent. You can go strolling along the beach both day and night, picking up something to eat. Those who can’t stand the cold weather can wear something up when the night gets cooler.

The weather in Magaluf in winter (December, January, February) is the classic Mediterranean wintertime. The maximum temperatures are of around 15 degrees and the minimum of 5 degrees. In February, as in March and April, precipitation becomes more abundant, but it is rare that it rains two days consequently in Mallorca.

The weather in Magaluf in March and in April is ideal to go for walks and enjoy the areas of the place but, if you want to have fun with friends or your partner, it’s better to wait two months and come when nightclubs, water parks and Beach Clubs of Magaluf are open. There’s no doubt about it. In these months there are many rainfalls and March is usually the windiest month on the Island, but it’s not big deal anyway.

Things to do in Magaluf

Forget about it! Come and enjoy summer time at Magaluf and don’t worry about the weather forecasting. It will be perfect!

Here you are a list of places you can visit in summer if you come to Magaluf.

  • BH Mallorca Hotel
  • BH Mallorca Apartments
  • BCM Hotel Mallorca
  • Mojito Beach Club (BH Mallorca Apartments)
  • Island Beach Club (BH Mallorca Hotel)
  • Twisted Water Park (BH Mallorca Hotel)
  • Stage by BCM (BH Mallorca Hotel)
  • BCM Planet Dance Nightclub
  • Kathmandu Park
  • Wave House
  • Wester Water Park
  • Magaluf Beach
  • Among others…
Gig stage bh mallorca

STAGE / BH Mallorca

Parque Acuático Twisted Water Park

Parque Acuático Twisted Water Park / BH Mallorca

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